Lead-in (keys)

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Page 6 (Students’ book)



1. he saw, the owner looked, the king invited, the king sat, the king heard, an anarchist shot

2. King Umberto of Italy was dining

3. there have been

4. Umberto had died, their weddings had been

5. this might be

6. the best

7. who was also called

8. the man was born, he was told


– sail/ fake   – bar/ heart   – white/ shy   – boil/ toy   – cheat/ seen   – boat/ flow   – put/ took



1. have a meeting

2. check your email

3. go out with friends

4. do some sport

5. meet a colleague

6. do some work

7. chat on the internet

8. take a break

9. watch a DVD

10. play some music


WORK: have a meeting, check your email, meet a colleague, do some work, take a break

FREE TIME: go out with friends, do some sport, chat on the internet, watch a DVD, play some music



1. listening to music

2. an architect

3. all right

4. can I

5. discuss this

6. doesn’t

7. Germany

8. where did you

9. I have lived

10. cook


b) 3   c) 9   d) 7   e) 1   f) 2   g) 10   h) 4   i) 8   j) 5



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