Review de un restaurante para preparar el examen de Cambridge CAE, C1

Review de un restaurante para preparar el examen de Cambridge CAE, C1


Os presento hoy un review nivel C1 para preparar el examen de Cambridge CAE, o culaquier examen oficial de inglés de nivel C1. Dar las gracias a la seguidora Gloria por querer compartir con nosotros su trabajo y conocimiento. Vamos allá 🙂

Seldom do I find a moment to go out; however, when I do have the opportunity to take some time out of my hectic schedule, I like nothing more than spending an evening at a restaurant. Therefore, when I heard of on the news that a new restaurant called “Delicatessen” had opened near where I live, I was itching to go there. So last week I dropped by there with a friend so as to check it out. In this review I would like to make some comments on my outstanding experience at “Delicatessen” in order to provide your readership with a global view about what they are going to find there, as well as putting forward some ideas which could be taken into consideration to enhance it.

In the first place, I would like to succinctly describe this restaurant in order to put you into context about where I went. It is located in Wagner Street, just in the heart of the city and it is very well connected so you can go by a lot of different ways. Although at first sight a lot of people could think that it is not a good restaurant by its superficial appearance since it does not have luxurious salons or an infinite waiting list either, the truth is that they would completely be barking up the wrong tree because they would be forgetting of its spectacular glazed dining room from where you can enjoy a striking view of the whole city, as well as its impressive cleanliness which become makes “Delicatessen” in one of the most hygienic places where I have been to, and I thoroughly think that all these characteristics are much more valuable and important for a restaurant than some of the stereotyped and predetermined statements that many people spread unintelligently. In addition to this, I would like to point out the joyful and energetic atmosphere that you can breathe there, as “Delicatessen” is always overflowing happy people and just this environment invites you to have a good time.

From my private point of view, what I liked the best was the food. It was delicious and mouth-watering and from the first moment you enter the restaurant you know by aromas which waft from the kitchen and that make you lick your lips in anticipation that you are going to be able to enjoy an appetizing and heavenly meal. Furthermore, the plates were incredibly full, so you can eat to your heart’s content and it is impossible to leave “Delicatessen” hungry. Moreover, another strength that I would like to highlight is the wonderful wide range of dishes they serve from the traditional cooking to the most sophisticated cuisine. Last but not least, I would like to make a special mention to the service, which who always had a smile on their faces and which who was very pleasant and friendly. However, if I had to say a criticism it would be that it is rather expensive and, consequently, there are might might be some people who cannot afford to go and I sincerely believe that it is a pity that such splendid place is a luxury available to few, so my suggestion is that you cheapen reduce the prices so as to become turn “Delicatessen” into a restaurant within everyone’s reach.

In conclusion, although some critics state that “Delicatessen” is only a mediocre and lacklustre local in where it is served what they consider to be is second -rate food that costs an arm and leg and that they affirm it comes badly in comparison with other restaurants that there are in the same location, I fully believe that it is a fantastic place which ticks all the right boxes and I genuinely think that it is likely to be one of the best places in where I have to been to recently.


Este review está muy bien escrito. El nivel gramatical y semántico aquí expuesto es muy alto y totalmente adecuado para un nivel C1. Vamos a pasar a hacer una lista con los aspectos positivos del review y otra lista con los aspectos a mejorar para que tú, que estás leyendo este review puedas analizarlo en profundidad y así mejorar tu nivel de expresión escrita.



  1. Inversion: Seldom do I find a moment to go out.
  2. Auxiliares para enfatizar ideas: when I do have the opportunity…
  3. Phrasal verbs: drop by, check out, put forward.
  4. Dependent prepositions: comments + on, provide somebody + with.
  5. Passive: could be taken.
  6. Adverbs: succinctly, thoroughly, unintelligently, incredibly.
  7. Connectors: since, in order to, so as to, morever, although, in addition to, moreover, furthermore, last but not least.
  8. Either = tampoco.
  9. Emphasis en comparativos: much more valuable.
  10. Verb patterns: make somebody + bare infinitive (make you lick), afford to.
  11. From… to
  12. Such para enfatizar: such splendid place.


  1. was itching to, outstanding experience, readership, enhance, at first sight, bark up the wrong tree, a striking view of, overflow, mouth-watering, waft, make you lick your lips, appetizing, heavenly meal, to your heart’s content, wide range of, within everyone’s reach, lacklustre, second -rate food, an arm and leg, ticks all the right boxes, etc.



  1. Se debe evitar de cara al examen, por ejemplo, la omisión del artículo the cuando hablamos de algo concreto. Recordad esta regla: omitimos the cuando hablamos en general, y no lo omitimos cuando hablamos de algo concreto.
  2. No se debe olvidar la –s de tercera persona del singular.
  3. I have been + to.
  4. Where no lleva in delante, en cambio, in which sí lleva. Ambos son sinónimos, pero uno lleva preposición in y otro no.
  5. Cheapen tiene una connotación negativa, es abaratar el precio pero ofreciendo una peor calidad, mejor reduce aquí.
  6. El verbo become tiene como sujeto la cosa que se convierte, o la persona. Ejemplo: I became a teacher 10 years ago, sujeto I, que soy quien se hizo profe. Si quieres decir que algo convierte al restaurante en otra cosa, no debes utilizar become, sino el verbo make, por ejemplo, o turn into.
  7. Forget no lleva preposición of.
  8. Cuando se habla del service, mejor utilizar who, porque te refieres a las personas, con una smile on their face.

Vale, pues ya tenemos este review explicado y detallado. Si quieres ver otro modelo de review similar a éste, te propongo éste: review theatre play

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    • Gloria el 5 septiembre, 2020 a las 1:15
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    BIG THANKS!!!! For the owesome work you do and that, so generously, you give us. Your explanations, pieces of advice and corrections are simply priceless for those who, like me, are struggling to achieve the so-much-desired C2 certification. I’ll stay tuned ;-)!

    1. You’re welcome. It’s a pleasure!

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