Essay sobre natural resources para preparar el examen CAE, nivel c1

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Essay sobre natural resources para preparar el examen CAE, nivel c1


Os propongo hoy un essay nivel c1 para preparar el examen CAE. Este essay trata sobre el uso que hace la sociedad de las natural resources y trata de aportar soluciones o alternativas el mal uso de las natural resources. Lo ha realizado una seguidora de la Web del Inglés que ha confiado en nuestro Servicio de Corrección de Writings para preparar su examen, Goria, a la cual agradezco enormemente que quiera compartir con nosotros su esfuerzo, trabajo y sabiduría, porque realmente es sabiduría lo que en este essay se refleja. El nivel es muy bueno y da gusto leer un writing tan bien hecho. Vamos allá 🙂

It goes without saying that in the last years our world has developed dramatically. Despite the fact that this has reported us wonderful advantages, the other side of the coin is that we consume a lot of resources and, what is even worse, we usually waste them. For that reason, recently, people have begun to discuss this complex concern about how to ensure natural resources so as to find a solution which could please everyone the sooner the better which could please everyone. To achieve this aim, there would appear to be two possible approaches in order to put an end to this pressing yet wedge issue.

The first option to consider is to prosecute the waste of natural resources by means of  the law, for instance, by fining those who uses too much water. Although these measures could be quite unpopular at first, they would sure dissuade people from wasting these useful resources. Furthermore, not only would they discourage people from being wasteful, but these measures would also collect a lot of money which could be invested in protecting the environment and making people aware of this issue.

A second alternative which could have an important role to play is the media. Currently, we are living in a connected world and people only draw attention to that what is showed through the means of communication. In this way, by increasing the media coverage on this problem in order to make visible how harmful can be the detrimental consequences of shortage derived from wasting too much can be, we could raise awareness on this matter, as well as, trying to change wasteful ingrained attitudes. Although this measure is much more straightforward to implement than changing the law, it is difficult to gauge the effectiveness of these campaigns in advance.

By and large, either approach would be a good step in the right direction, as otherwise this current situation could be the thin end of the wedge. However, from my point of view and with all the above in mind, I genuinely think that changing the law would be the better  best step to take. Although increasing  the media coverage could bring results in many years, the truth is that the change is needed right now and I believe that converting wastefulness into a criminal offence is likely to have a far-reaching impact on changing people’s habits and reverting  nowadays today’s unsustainable state of affairs.



El writing, para un nivel  c1 de CAE está muy bien. El nivel gramatical y semántico es muy elevado. Vamos a destacar los aspectos positivos de este essay que realmente me gustan.


  • has developed dramatically = present perfect con adverbios que enfatizan la acción.
  • he sooner the better = double comparison.
  • there would appear to be = verbo haber en condicional.
  • by means of
  • by + ing = el uso de la preposición by para indicar cómo se hace algo, cómo se consigue algo.
  • not only would they discourage people from … but also… = inversión con “not only… but also…”.
  • dissuade somebody from something.
  • discourage somebody from something
  • which could be invested in = passive con modal verb + oración de relativo + verb (invest) in (preposition).
  • either approach… = el uso de either para expresar cualquiera de los dos.
  • otherwise.
  • convert something into something.
  • is likely to infinitive = para expresar probabilidad.
  • impact + on.


  • Idiomatic expressiones: the other side of the coin, this pressing yet wedge issue, the thin end of the wedge, etc.
  • Buen uso de conectores: Despite the fact that, what is even worse, in order to, so as to, By and large, etc.
  • draw attention to, prosecute, put an end to, make people aware of, raise awareness on a matter, straightforward, wastefulness, ar-reaching impact, state of affairs, wasteful ingrained attitudes, harmful, etc.

Vale, pues ya tenemos el essay comentado, analizado y explicado. Como podéis ver, los aspectos positivos superar sin duda a los negativos. Si tú también estás preparando tu examen de nivel c1 y necesitas que te ayudemos o guiemos en tu aprendizaje, no dudes en hacer uso de nuestro Servicio de Corrección de Writings. Y si te ha gustado este essay y piensas que a tus amigos de redes sociales también puede interesar, no olvides hacer click en algunos de los iconos de abajo g + shareMe gusta o en Tweet para que ellos puedan verlo también. Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t (Bill Nye)

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  1. Me alegra mucho haber encontrado tu blog. Esta entrada me recordó una frase célebre. “We learn from failure, not from success,” said a famous writer. Without a doubt, many will benefit from this piece of writing!

    1. Glad to hear you came across my website and you like it. That’s a good quotation and one I agree with.
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